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Is ready to roll in 2024! I have assembled a great group of guys that all play in other bands to form a band by committee to play a couple of times a month. I have been performing solo for many years and wanted to "play with others" a few times a month. The results have been great! Here are the band members.
image.png     a4f44e92-4773-442e-a2a3-dfed9b148659.png     image.png     image.png     image.png
Mark Engelhart              Jim Giercyk                   Brian "BB" Peters            Bill Shaw                         Jack Welch
Guitar/ Lead Vocals        Drums/ Vocals            Lead Guitar/ Drums/ Vocals   Lead Guitar/ Vocals            Bass
We are still in the practice stage, but you can check out my website: to see what it will feel like. The plan is to do a more energetic, fun version of my solo performance. You also can see a song list and calendar for 2024. I would love to discuss any opportunities to play at your place in 2024!